Shopping for gifts has just been made much easier by the introduction of a company which designs items especially as gifts. The gifts which were initially designed as best man gifts are of course mainly for men but more recently, due to requests, the company has started to make brides maid gifts as well. The gifts are especially designed to be eye catching, often becoming talking pieces when they are shown, which of course makes them excellent gifts.

The gifts are made by the company Bullets2Bandages which is owned by two veterans and so they donate a percentage of the company’s profits to veteran organizations or veteran’s charities, ensuring that you do not just give one gift for your money but you do in fact give two.

The veterans are ex ordinance and so know about military ammunition and it is this background that makes their gifts unique. Each gift is made from or at least to look like it is made from used military ammunition, like the bottle opener which is made from a used 50mm cartridge. Other gifts include coasters, shot glasses, key chains, six shooter glass tumblers or cuff links. Although these gifts may already look somewhat unique, the company ensures each one is by engraving them to your request. An example of this may be when a 50mm bottle opener is bought as a gift for a best man at a wedding. The bottle opener may be engraved with “Best Man”, their name and the date of the wedding.

A bottle opener is of course practical and can be used often and each time that it is used, it will probably draw a comment or two but all the gifts have similar qualities, making them unique, useful and appreciated by whoever may receive them. As the items provide money to a veteran’s charity, some bars that have veterans as regulars have asked for items they can buy and use. In response to these requests, the company now also makes items that can be used in bars like beer pump handles, pint glasses, coasters and beer trays, each of course engraved with the name of the bar.

Originally designed as gifts for a best man, the items were at first only available in dark colours but now women have requested them, some are made in brighter colours to appeal to them. It is not just the best man that will appreciate these gifts, many men would and so they are also becoming popular as gifts for fathers on father’s day or other men on other occasions. Obviously these items will not be found in your local corner store or even in the large department stores but they can still be easily found on the company’s website where orders can also be made. The gift of giving becomes even greater when you send a gift to one and it is also a gift for many, especially if those many are veterans that deserve respect and any assistance they can be given.