In this world, there are plenty of things which are debatable, and anybody who has a penchant for argument would definitely find a point of argument in everything. Yet, we may hate this kind of person who makes blustering contention on anything that may seem trivial to most of us. We will likewise try to avoid the company of this highly contentious person and may brand that person as having a crass and cranky personality. But at this point, I may sound like the abovementioned person because I would endeavor to expound on a basic, yet may be irrelevant argument—the argument on whether reading about a place is better than actually experiencing a place. I make this argument in favor of those who are already satisfied with the concept of just reading about an awesome place instead of actually experiencing a place. Say for instance, I got a friend who is so well-versed with the Great Pyramid of Giza. He actually knows almost every detail of the Great Pyramid despite the fact that he has not yet actually seen the pyramid. When you converse with him about the Great Pyramid, you will be amazed at how cognizant he is of the historical details of the Pyramid. Likewise, all the data pertaining to the pyramid are known to him. It’s like having an actual experience of the Pyramid whenever you talk to him about it. On the other hand, I got another friend who had already visited the place as a tourist. When you ask him about the Great Pyramid, you will not get much information from him. For this reason, I am forced to ask myself whether reading and watching videos about a place is better than actually experiencing a place.

Of course, you would readily argue in favor of having an actual experience of a place. There is nothing better than being in the actual place and feeling the actual bricks and smells of the inside of the pyramid. Yet, sometimes we could say that those who have good imagination can better experience those places even if they haven’t actually seen those places. For this reason, if you don’t have money and you have good and vivid imagination, you can satisfy yourself with just watching videos about a place and vicariously experiencing the tinge and feel of that place. Likewise, you can easily read blogs and find quotes about travel pertaining to those awesome places, like the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Wall of China, without actually engaging in travels.

At this point, you may be saying that I am oversimplifying everything. Likewise you may contend that my mind has been silted over by my constant readings and may have been covered by the cobwebs of hallucination. Moreover, you may maintain that I have been over-exemplifying the power of imagination. Yet, if you are going to listen to the Great Albert Einstein, you will understand what I am saying. Einstein maintained that “imagination is everything. “Holy Crap,” you would say; but if you are going to believe Einstein, you will also believe that the vicarious experience of an awesome place is comparable to the actual experience of the said place because, as Einstein said, “imagination is everything.”