Education is one of the most significant things a person must have in their life. It does not help you advance in life nor it assures your success, but it gives you something that no one else can take away from you. I would always hear my parents say that they strive and work hard every single day since the day my siblings and I were born (take note there are six of us) because not only do they want to give us the best life that any person should have but also they want to equipped us with the best education available in our country. True to that, all of us were enrolled in the most prestigious schools and universities from kindergarten up to college.

Today, three of us have already graduated from college and there is three more studying. One of my siblings is in high school, one in third year- college and the other one in second year med school. My parents have their own business and it has been in operation for more than twenty years. It was booming in the 90’s but has started to descend in the late 2000’s. Since it was the time we were all studying, majority of their income goes directly to paying out tuition fees. They were also helping and supporting a lot of people that they overlook that fact that we don’t own a house yet.

Fast forward to today, we still do no own our house yet, we are just renting the same place for almost twenty years. Some people will judge and say different things on how my parents prioritize other things over securing themselves a comfortable home. But for me, they did the right thing because they have truly fully equipped us with the best education available. Now my older brother is managing his very own business that is doing quite well in the market. I am married, is helping my husband to manage his businesses and is doing some online job on the side to generate my own income for my own needs while my other sister who was born after me is working in one of the best advertising companies and has just been recently promoted. We are now able to apply and use the things we learned from the best schools we were enrolled into. We are still not able to purchase our own house but with the money we are earning, we get to give back to our parents and help them pay there other expenses.

I have read about a real travel blogger who has worked his way up to the ladder of success. He juggled three to four jobs a day and started working young even if he was studying full time in order to sustain his education fees. We have similarities in the sense that we were able to use what we have (our brains) and make something out of it, generating income even in the comfort of our own homes. As I have said, having the best education will not assure you a successful life. But it can very well aid in the process of your success.