For anyone whose job does not entail traveling for free, it is sometimes difficult to engage in travel, especially, if one’s existence is a hand-to-mouth existence. What I mean is that those people, whose wages are just enough to sustain their needs, and pay for monthly bills, are not likely to take the risk and pay for holidays outside of their country. How can one, for example, spend for a holiday in Palau Island when one is bereft or scrounging for money? It would be logical to stay within one’s means and just enjoy simple life without the pleasure of awesome travels around the world; otherwise, one may be branded by your wife or children as spendthrift while the more pressing bills are not yet paid. On the other hand, people who have extra money to spend for holidays are fortunate enough, for they can enjoy life and while away their time relaxing in one of the pristine beaches of Hawaii or Palawan Island. All of us deserve a much needed break from the doldrums and ennui of life’s brutal grindings and gearworks. Each of us definitely deserves a hiatus from the monotony of life to replenish our spirits in the nice places of other continents.

If at this point your job is not enabling you to enjoy life, you surely are toiling on the wrong soil. You should immediately find another job that would readily give you the excess money to see the different facets of the world.

Find the Right Job
There are jobs that are highly rewarding and not restrictive. Say, for example, I got a friend who toils eight hours a week in one of the companies in East Coast. The moment he learned the rudiments of day trading, he immediately started trading and subsequently become adept in the intricacies of asking and bidding. He resigned in his eight hour job afterwards when he got the hung of the trade, and now is happy enough with his monthly take via day trading. Moreover, he is able to travel anywhere in the world and enjoy life while day trading. Likewise, every time he shows me some of his best travel pictures, I could not help but notice the great contentment in his face. He is definitely a happy guy now, and he would readily cajole me into thinking that life is a bore without travel, and that he said: “I should likewise find a job that would allow me to travel.”

Life is indeed very short and if one is stuck in an unrewarding job, one becomes stolid and one’s life becomes vapid and stale. Yet, if one’s life is full of movements and motions, then one’s life becomes full of vivacity and adventures. If you are young and screwed in a job that is unrewarding, do the right thing! Ditch your job and look for another one that would let you say with amazement, “C’est La Vie.” Your choice today will surely determine the joys and happiness of your life in the near future. Hence, your choice of job should readily create for you the opportunity to engage in travel adventures, and bask and luxuriate in the beauty of the world.